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SBA Loans

Paycheck Protection Program

Great news! Additional funding has become available for the SBA Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), and we want to help you apply now, so you’ll have the money you need to support your business during these challenging times. Below are some tips for applying as well as a list of the documentation you will need to provide. Having the information ready and following the instructions carefully will help expedite your application.

Here’s the information you will need

  • Articles of Incorporation/Organization of each borrowing entity;
  • Bylaws/Operating Agreement of each borrowing entity;
  • Most current corporate tax return(s) for the entities for which you are seeking a PPP loan.
  • Copies of all owners’ Driver’s Licenses;
  • **Payroll Expense Verification documents to include:
    • IRS Form 940 and 941;
    • Current Payroll Summary Report with corresponding bank statement;
      • If a Payroll Summary Report is not available, Employee Pay Stubs as of February 15, 2020 (or corresponding period) with corresponding bank statement, and;
      • Breakdown of payroll benefits (vacation, allowance for dismissal, group healthcare benefits, retirement benefits, etc.);

**some payroll providers already have a report setting available for PPP loans

  • Trailing 12-month Profit and Loss Statement (as of the date of application) for all applicants, month by month (if available);
  • Most recent Mortgage Statement or Rent Statement (Lease);
  • Most recent utility bills (Electric, Gas, Telephone, Internet, Water)

Tips to Completing the Application

  • Please ensure that you read the instructions on every page before moving through the application.
  • You will be asked to create a login and password for the application. Your Jovia online account credentials will not work.
  • The loan application link is powered by Sageworks, and information is submitted securely to your SBA lending team at Jovia who will contact you if any additional information is needed
  • If at any point in the application process, you see a red section in the progress tabs at the top of each page, you are either missing something or there is an incorrect entry. This needs to be rectified before moving forward.
  • If you do not have the information requested, submit as much as possible and someone from the team will contact you. Keeping in mind that it may delay the process.
  • You cannot apply with Jovia if you have previously applied with another institution and received confirmation that it your application was submitted to the SBA for processing.

Check out this step-by-step guide to completing your application