How do I change my name on my accounts after marriage or divorce?

To change your name on your accounts you will need to complete a new signed signature card and provide us with a copy of your marriage certificate or divorce decree.
  • You can visit your local branch to sign a new signature card. Be sure to bring your original marriage certificate or divorce decree with the raised seal along with your photo ID. We must view the original documentation in order to complete the name change. If your accounts are joint with your spouse/former spouse, they do not need to sign the signature card. We will also issue you a new Visa® debit card in your new name.
  • If you are unable to visit a branch, you can mail the original documentation to:
    • Jovia ATTN: Deposit Operations 1000 Corporate Drive, Westbury NY 11590
    • Once received, we will make a copy and mail the original back to you

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