What are my options when making payments to my credit union loan(s)/line(s) of credit?

We make paying your bills easy! Online & Mobile Banking allows you have several different options to pay your loans, lines of credit or Visa credit cards. You can opt to have your monthly payment debited from one of your credit union accounts or from an account at another institution. You can also set the payment as a one-time or recurring transfer.

To pay your loan, line or Visa from an account from another financial institution in Online Banking or the Mobile Banking app: 

  • Sign in to Online Banking
    • Click on "Move Money" then "Loan Payment" to pay your loan or line.
    • To make a Visa® Credit Card, click on "Credit Cards" and "Make a Payment".
  • In the Mobile Banking app
    • For iOS, "Loan Payment" can be located in the "More" section.
    • For Android, you can find "Loan Payment" under the main menu.

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