What has changed in Online and Mobile Banking?

We know that so many of our members rely heavily on our Online Banking and Jovia Mobile Banking app for their banking needs. Please review the updates below:

Hasmy Online/Mobile Banking User ID changing?

No, your Online/Mobile Banking User ID remains the same.

Has my Online/Mobile Banking password changing?

No, your password remains the same.

For additional security, the first time you log in after the system enhancement and each time you log in from a new device, you may be required to enter an dual-factor authentication code which you may choose to receive via telephone, text message or email.

Will my scheduled/recurring transfers in Online/Mobile Banking still occur?

Scheduled internal transfers between your Jovia accounts continue to process automatically.

However, any scheduled external transfers from your Jovia accounts to external non-Jovia accounts, did not carry over. This is also the case for any recurring PopMoney transfers or payments. We ask that you reschedule these recurring transfers and payments.

Are there any changes to Jovia’s Popmoney Service?

Our Popmoney service continues to be offered with minimal changes.

Any recurring or scheduled transfers taking place on or after Tuesday, June 2, 2020, need to be rescheduled in Popmoney. This can only be done through Online Banking, not through the Jovia Mobile Banking app. Simply login here, select Move Money, then External Transfers, select Popmoney, and complete the Send Money form and follow the prompts to make this a recurring payment.

I have alerts established in Online/Mobile Banking, did they carry over with the upgrade?

Yes. Any alerts set-up before the upgrade have carried over. For added precaution, we recommend you review your alerts to verify that they are set up correctly.

Are my payees/payments for Bill Pay still set-up?

Yes, all your previously established payees are available. Additionally, all previously scheduled Bill Pay payments will process as scheduled.

Am I able to see my check images in Online/Mobile Banking?

Yes, check images are available by logging in to Online/Mobile Banking and clicking on the check numbers within your transaction history.

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