How do I dispute a charge on my account?

We take our member's security very seriously. If you feel there was an unauthorized transaction on your account, we are committed to investigating your claim.

  • Debit or Credit Card (DBT/POS) transaction
    • Many times disputes can be resolved quickly by contacting the merchant directly. If you are unable to resolve the dispute with the merchant, you can file your dispute with us. Please complete the Visa® Charge Dispute Form and submit it electronically. Any additional information such as receipts that may assist in resolving the dispute, should be indicated on the form. Disputes can take up to 60 days to resolve.
  • Unauthorized Withdrawal (ACH/non-debit or credit)
    • If you are on an account with another individual, consult with them first to verify that he/she did not authorize the withdrawal. If the withdrawal was not authorized by any of the account owners, please complete an Unauthorized Withdrawal Form.
    • Was the fraudulent transaction a check? This would be a check that was stolen and signed by someone else other than the signors on the account. In this case, a police report is required along with a Fraudulent Check Form. Documents should be forwarded to the Sharedraft Administrator in Deposit Operations for further processing.
      • Documents must be received with 60 days of the item being presented to the account to receive provisional credit.
      • When will I receive provisional credit? Upon receiving the proper documents by 10:30 am, the account will be credited by the end of that business day.

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