Have my account number(s) changed?

All Checking and Home Equity Line of Credit Accounts now have an extra numeric digit added to the end of their account numbers. For example, if your former account number was 55555, your new account number has an additional digit at the end and might look like 555553. Please note, each account has a different numeric digit appended to the end of the sequence.

A small population of our members - approximately 150 - experienced full account number changes. These changes were communicated to them directly in a letter sent prior to the upgrade.

Can I continue to use my checks for my Go Green and Home Equity Line of Credit?

Yes, you can continue to use your checks. Fun fact! The digit being added to your account number comes straight from the sequence of digits on your check – this numeral is called “check digit.” So, there is no need to order new checks.

Do I need to update ACH payments, direct deposits, or any other automatic transactions as a result of the added check digit or other account number change?

No, there is no action required on your part. Any automatic deposits and withdrawals to and from your account will continue without disruption.

Our new system is “smart” and will automatically associate your new account number with your old account number and will process all your transactions under the new account number.

You do not need to change your direct deposit or any automatic payments or credits coming in or out of your account and you can continue to use your existing debit card and your current supply of checks. This change does not impact online or mobile banking.

We always recommend reviewing your information on ACH payments, direct deposit forms and any externally linked accounts periodically to ensure it is current. The next time you complete such a review would be a good time to update any new account numbers.

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