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Fees & Service Charges

Consumer Fee Schedule

Effective as of September 23, 2019. All fees are subject to change without notice.

Account Fees

Checking Accounts
GO Green

Inactive Account Fee4$5.00 per month
Paper Statements for EChecking Accounts$5.00

Transaction Fees

Check Writing FeeNone
150 Wallet Checks in Traditional StyleVaries according to style
Temporary Counter Checks (aka Starter Checks)
(8 FREE at account opening)
$2.00/sheet of 4
Copy of Personal Check (free via Online Banking)$5.00 per copy
Stop Payment (per 6-month request)
Personal & Teller Checks, Money Order, ACH, or Bill Payment Check
Automatic Overdraft Transfer From Any Deposit Account or Safety Line of Credit to Checking$3.00
Item Returned Unpaid or Check Paid via Courtesy Payment (per item)$30.00
VISA Debit Transactions via Courtesy Payment (per item)$10.00
Telephone Payment made from an external account with a representative$5.00
Automated or online payments from an external accountFREE

Transfers/Withdrawals (Regulation D)

A fee will be charged if you exceed six pre-authorized, automated, or telephone transfers/withdrawals during any statement cycle from any Share, Money Market, Super Saver or Club Account$10.00 per item

ATM Fees

Jovia ATM TransactionsFREE
Withdrawals at Non-JoviaATMs8 FREE/mth $1.00 ea over 8
Withdrawals at Allpoint™ ATMs (Using Jovia VISA® Debit card only)1FREE
Inquiries at Non-Jovia ATMs (per inquiry)$1.00 each

Online Services

Online BankingFREE
Bill PaymentFREE
Expedited Bill Payment — via Electronic Payment$10.00 each
Expedited Bill Payment — via Check Payment$30.00 each
Account Transfers (Internal Member accounts)FREE
Copy of Bill Payment Check$5.00
POPMoney — Next Day2 (per transaction)FREE
POPMoney — Standard3 (per transaction)FREE
Payment Manager Funds Transfer Premium Inbound2$5.00 each
Payment Manager Funds Transfer Premium Outbound2$10.00 each
Payment Manager Funds Transfer Standard Inbound3FREE
Payment Manager Funds Transfer Standard Outbound3
(Transaction Up to $5,000)
Payment Manager Funds Transfer Standard Outbound3
(Transaction between $5,000 – $10,000)
$5.00 each
Payment Manager Funds Transfer Standard Outbound3
(Transaction between $10,000 – $15,000)
$10.00 each

Safe Deposit Boxes (Plainview Branch only)

3 x 5 x 18$35.00
5 x 5 x 18$50.00
3 x 10 x 18$60.00
5 x 10 x 18$95.00
10 x 10 x 18$185.00
Safe Deposit Key Replacement$15.00
Safe Deposit Break-In Fee$200.00

Other Services

Abandoned Property Account Processing$50.00
Account Research (per hour)$20.00
CyberScout ID Management ServicesFREE
Teller Check for Less Than $1,000$3.00
Copy of Teller Check (per copy)$5.00
Money Order (per item)$3.00
Copy of Money Order (per item)$5.00
Copy of Deposited Check or Slip — item deposited within prior six months AND check amount known (per item)$5.00
Copy of Deposited Check or Slip — item deposited more than six months ago OR check amount unknown (per item)$6.00
Copy of Statement (per statement)$5.00
Money Market Account
(over three checks written)
$10.00 each
Deposited Item Returned (per item)$15.00
Notary Public ServiceFREE
IRA Custodial ServiceFREE
IRA trustee to trustee transfer (outgoing only)$25.00
Canadian Checks$15.00
Immigration Letter (per letter)$10.00
Payoff Letter (Mortgage)$30.00
Incoming Collection Item$15.00
Foreign Collection Item$35.00
Wire — Incoming — Domestic or International$5.00
Wire Transfer — Outgoing within U.S. (per wire)$20.00
Faxed Wire — Outgoing within and outside U.S. (per wire)$50.00
Wire Transfer — Outgoing outside U.S. (per wire)$40.00
Jovia Investment Services ConsultationFREE
Bad Name/Address (undeliverable mail returned)$3.00
ACH Item Returned Unpaid or ACH Stop Payment on a Deposit Account$30.00
VISA® Late Feeup to $25.00
Lost VISA® Debit and Credit Cards$5.00
Coin-Counting Machine (per day)
Amounts less than $500
Amounts over $500

10% of amount over $500

1Transactions made at Allpoint ATMs using a Jovia Visa® Debit card do not count against the non-Jovia ATM transaction limit. Please note that ATMs at Shared Branches (CU Service Centers), King Kullen Supermarkets, and other Long Island credit unions will count against the eight-transaction limit; however, you may make an unlimited number of requests for cashback at PIN-based point-of-sale (POS) terminals.

2Next Business Day if the transaction is requested through Online Banking by 8:00 PM EST

3Three Business Days if transaction is requested through Online Banking by 1:00 AM EST

4Applies to membership with no activity in the preceding 12 months; excluding members who maintain a loan balance, IRA or Term Certificate of Deposit, or have greater than $1,000 in total balances

Rates and terms are subject to change without notice.