Technology Enhancements

Building the brighter side of banking.

We've enhanced our technology to make banking with Jovia easier, faster and more secure. We invite you to use this resource center to learn more about what has changed and all the great things you have to look forward to.

Building you a brighter banking experience.

At Jovia, we’re invested in your financial success. After all, that’s what credit unions are all about! We want to help you save more, earn more and lead the life you want. Through this technology enhancement, we're laying the foundation to provide you with added convenience, enhanced digital solutions, and an overall better banking experience while continuing to safeguard your personal information.

We'll even let you in on a little secret. We’ve heard your feedback and are working hard to bring you the products and services you want. You can keep an eye out for some exciting new services later this year: Zelle® person to person payments; Card Controls so you can control how, when and where your Debit and Credit Cards are used; and Secure Chat within Online and Mobile Banking so you can service your account with a representative right from your phone or computer. You heard it here first!

Our goal is to make this transition as seamless as possible for you. While most of your account-related information and our online banking services remain the same, there are a few things that have changed. The changes noted here are effective June 1, 2020.

Take a look at what has changed.

While most of our technology upgrade happened behind the scenes, there are some changes to your accounts and the way we do business. Please take a look at the changes effective June 1, 2020:

Checking Accounts and Home Equity Line of Credit Accounts

We have added an extra numeric digit to the end of all Jovia Checking Accounts and Home Equity Lines of Credit. (For example, if your former account number was 55555, your new account number might be 555553.)

This change does not impact any automatic withdrawals or deposits you have linked to this account or anything related to Online or Mobile Banking. You may continue to use any checks you have for these accounts. You can locate your new account number in Online or Mobile Banking - just select the account by clicking or tapping on it, then press “Details.” No other action is needed on your part.

Mortgage Accounts

We've made it simpler to pay your mortgage. Instead of having your mortgage information combined with your regular month-end account statement, you’ll receive a separate mortgage bill. This bill will be sent to you about two weeks prior to your due date and will provide the most current information about your loan. The bill will also include a tear-off coupon for your next payment, or you can simply pay online. As a result, we will no longer issue mortgage payment coupon books. You can finish using any existing coupons.

Available Balances on ATM & Teller Receipts

Available balances on ATM & Teller receipts look different; we now display the current available balance for the one account you are transacting on, rather than the combined availability of funds in all your accounts. Of course, you can still get balances for any of your accounts free of charge at Jovia ATMs or by logging into Online or Mobile Banking.

Scheduled Loan Payments

Now, if your scheduled loan payment lands on a Sunday or a holiday, the automatic transfer will occur on the following business day.

Online Banking Recurring External Transfers & PopMoney Payments

As a result of the upgrade, recurring external transfers in Online/Mobile Banking and PopMoney did not automatically carry over to the Enhanced System. These recurring external transfers and PopMoney payments will need to be set-up again. After this initial set-up, they will recur as often as you indicate.

Go Green Interest Credit Statement Posting

Jovia's Go Green Checking accounts offer members the chance to earn two different interest credits: a bonus interest rate based on your overall account relationship, and, a competitive interest rate on Go Green account balances over $25,000. With our previous system, these interest credits posted as two separate credits; with our enhanced system, these will post together as one credit to provide a cumulative representation of your monthly interest earnings. This change will be effective on your June month-end account statement, which you will receive in July.

Automated Telephone Banking

As part of our technology enhancement, Jovia has upgraded its Automated Telephone Banking system. You will need to re-register by calling 1-855-JOVIA4U and following the prompts. You will need to enter your member number, your social security number and your state-issued driver’s license identification number to enroll the first time. After that, each time you call in, you'll just need your member number and the PIN you created when you registered.


Why did Jovia upgrade its technology?

We chose to improve our technology so that we could build a brighter banking experience for our members. Not only does the enhanced system enable us to better serve you through more efficient transaction processing and account opening, but we are able to bring you some of the latest offerings in digital banking technology.

Some of the things that you’ll find brighter are:

  • Faster branch and real-time transactions
  • Enhanced authentication experiences for improved security
  • More innovative experiences for added on-the-go banking convenience will follow later this year, including Zelle® person to person payments, Card Controls to controls how, when and where your Jovia Debit and Credit Cards are used, and, Secure Chat within Online & Mobile Banking so you can service your account right from your phone or computer.

We are confident that you will see the long-term benefits and value of this upgrade.

Has the enhanced system been tested?

Yes. We have been working on this upgrade for over a year and our enhanced system has been thoroughly tested for accuracy. Our staff is trained and prepared to answer your questions.

Have my account number(s) changed?

All Checking and Home Equity Line of Credit Accounts now have an extra numeric digit added to the end of their account numbers. For example, if your former account number was 55555, your new account number has an additional digit at the end and might look like 555553. Please note, each account has a different numeric digit appended to the end of the sequence.

A small population of our members - approximately 150 - experienced full account number changes. These changes were communicated to them directly in a letter sent prior to the upgrade.

Can I continue to use my checks for my Go Green and Home Equity Line of Credit?

Yes, you can continue to use your checks. Fun fact! The digit being added to your account number comes straight from the sequence of digits on your check – this numeral is called “check digit.” So, there is no need to order new checks.

Do I need to update ACH payments, direct deposits, or any other automatic transactions as a result of the added check digit or other account number change?

No, there is no action required on your part. Any automatic deposits and withdrawals to and from your account will continue without disruption.

Our new system is “smart” and will automatically associate your new account number with your old account number and will process all your transactions under the new account number.

You do not need to change your direct deposit or any automatic payments or credits coming in or out of your account and you can continue to use your existing debit card and your current supply of checks. This change does not impact online or mobile banking.

We always recommend reviewing your information on ACH payments, direct deposit forms and any externally linked accounts periodically to ensure it is current. The next time you complete such a review would be a good time to update any new account numbers.

Will my direct deposit(s) continue to process as usual?

Yes, any direct deposit(s) you have set-up will continue to be processed as usual. There is no change or impact to any direct deposit(s) you have set-up.

Has my member number at Jovia changed as a result of the system enhancement?

The majority of our members have not experienced a change to their member number. Approximately 500 members have been assigned new member numbers and were informed of this change with a letter sent prior to the upgrade. Members that received a new member number can find their updated member number on their June month-end statement sent in July.

Will I be receiving a new Debit or Credit Card? Has my PIN changed?

No changes here! You can continue to use your current Jovia-issued card(s), we will not be reissuing cards as a result of the technology upgrade. Additionally, your Debit or Credit Card PINs remain the same.

Can I continue to use my checks?

Yes - you can continue to use your current supply of checks.

What has changed in Online and Mobile Banking?

We know that so many of our members rely heavily on our Online Banking and Jovia Mobile Banking app for their banking needs. Please review the updates below:

Hasmy Online/Mobile Banking User ID changing?

No, your Online/Mobile Banking User ID remains the same.

Has my Online/Mobile Banking password changing?

No, your password remains the same.

For additional security, the first time you log in after the system enhancement and each time you log in from a new device, you may be required to enter an dual-factor authentication code which you may choose to receive via telephone, text message or email.

Will my scheduled/recurring transfers in Online/Mobile Banking still occur?

Scheduled internal transfers between your Jovia accounts continue to process automatically.

However, any scheduled external transfers from your Jovia accounts to external non-Jovia accounts, did not carry over. This is also the case for any recurring PopMoney transfers or payments. We ask that you reschedule these recurring transfers and payments.

Are there any changes to Jovia’s Popmoney Service?

Our Popmoney service continues to be offered with minimal changes.

Any recurring or scheduled transfers taking place on or after Tuesday, June 2, 2020, need to be rescheduled in Popmoney. This can only be done through Online Banking, not through the Jovia Mobile Banking app. Simply login here, select Move Money, then External Transfers, select Popmoney, and complete the Send Money form and follow the prompts to make this a recurring payment.

I have alerts established in Online/Mobile Banking, did they carry over with the upgrade?

Yes. Any alerts set-up before the upgrade have carried over. For added precaution, we recommend you review your alerts to verify that they are set up correctly.

Are my payees/payments for Bill Pay still set-up?

Yes, all your previously established payees are available. Additionally, all previously scheduled Bill Pay payments will process as scheduled.

Am I able to see my check images in Online/Mobile Banking?

Yes, check images are available by logging in to Online/Mobile Banking and clicking on the check numbers within your transaction history.

Why does my available balance on my ATM and/or Teller receipt look different?

Your receipt looks different because now you only see the available balance from the account you’re transacting on. This provides you with a more accurate sense of available funds in the dedicated account you’re reviewing. (Prior to the enhancement, your available balances were a total sum of all deposit accounts and any available lines of credit.)

You can use Online/Mobile Banking to get real-time updates on all your account balances in one quick snapshot.

Will my automatic payments continue to post as scheduled?

Any automatic payments and/or withdrawals you have established will continue to be processed as usual.

Prior to the enhancement, if an automatic payment landed on a holiday or a Sunday, the payment was processed the day before the holiday. Now, when an automatic payment that falls on a holiday or a Sunday, the payment is processed the following business day.

You can update any scheduled automatic payments in Online and Mobile Banking, or, you can contact us at 1-855-JOVIA4U.

Will I be asked for my identification at the branch?

Yes, for added protection, we may scan your license or other identification the first time you visit a branch office after the technology upgrade. This will allow us to identify you whenever you visit a branch to safeguard your account.

Will my statement(s) look different? Why isn't my mortgage account listed on my statement?

Our account statements will remain the same, except for members who have a mortgage with us.

Now, mortgage account information is provided as a separate mortgage bill about two weeks prior to your next payment. (This information will no longer be included on month-end statements.)

Your new mortgage bill will provide you with the most current information about their mortgage at Jovia. It will also include a tear-off coupon that can be mailed-in with your next payment, or, you can opt to pay online. As a result of this change, we will no longer issue any new mortgage payment coupon books after June 1, 2020. However, you’re welcome to use any remaining coupons you have.

Do I need to re-enroll to use Jovia's Automated Telephone Banking system?

Yes. We updated our Automated Telephone Banking system with our enhancement, so you need to register to use the upgraded system. Don’t worry, it’s easy. The first time you call after our system enhancement, you will need to enter your member number, your social security number and your state-issued driver’s license identification number. When you dial in, just listen carefully and follow the prompts.

If you are having trouble accessing your account, give us a call at 1-855-JOVIA4U. We're here to help.

Where can I get my updated account disclosures effective June 1, 2020?

For our consumer members, click here for a copy of your Truth in Savings Disclosure Booklet, effective June 1, 2020.

For our business members, click here for important terms and conditions related to your Business Deposit Account(s), effective June 1, 2020.

We're here to help.

We are confident that you will see the long-term benefits of this upgrade and we appreciate your patience as we build brighter banking for you.